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SPM Probe Tips

SPM probe tips are for general use in most AFM systems. Team Nanotec offers a wide variety of probes for:


  • Surface Science, like MFM or EFM
  • Material Science, like nano indentation
  • Topography Imaging
  • Step Height Measurements

Large radius hemispherical tip

Cone shaped tip combined with well defined hemispherical tip shape.   Application space: Material Science, e.g. material characterization by nanoindentation.

Hemisperical Cone Shaped Tip

Probe tip with hemispherical apex, coated with metal carbide.     Application Space: Material Science, e.g. nano identation.

Super Sharp Improved Super Cone

Application example: surface roughness measurements

High resolution magnetic force microscopy

High resolution magnetic probe tip with Co-alloy hard magnetic coating.

High resolution electrostatic force microscopy

High aspect ratio probe tip with conductive Pt coating on tip side. Tips are shipped with Al-reflex coating on laser side.

Frequency Measurement

The package includes measured cantilever dimensions and measured Power Density Spectra and Quality factor, as well as the calculated stiffness using Sader's Methode.

SEM - Images

The SEM imaging package consists of SEM images and cantilever dimensions for each probe.